Summoned to the Crypt
The adventurers are summoned to help a lone halfling who is adventuring in a dark crypt

Another duty in the summoning room. The characters find themselves being teleported into a dark crypt where a halfling opens a door to a room filled with skeletons for the adventurers.

After a heavy battle. The halfling asks the adventurers to help him open a door behind a pit trap. The adventurers cannot think of an easy way to help him and suggest the halfling do it himself. The halfling climbs up and down the pit to open the door, while the adventurers take the first door out of its hinges and cover the pit. The final room has five pedestals with buttons. The arcane adventurers immediately recognise the pentagram arrangement the pedestals are in. After one failure, setting off some poisoned darts, they manage to use the correct sequence of buttons and treasure filled niches open in the walls. The halfling thanks the adventurers for their effort and banishes them back to the Planes.

Again, Sir Galthor provides the adventurers with a reward, but the adventurers start to doubt whether this is a good deal for them.

Hold the Panda Fort
Players have to protect the fort for their Panda masters

The heroes have done a good job with the package they delivered last time. They are now real members of the Planar Task Force. They are asked to spend time in a special room from which they can be summoned.

Soon they find themselves in the middle of a castle under siege. Goblin troops have just broken through one of the walls and are storming the castle, inhabited by Pandas. After a long battle, they are thanked for their services and returned to the Planes without being able to pick up any of the spoils of war.

Luckily the adventurers get rewards from Sir Galthor

Deliver this package
Travel through a forest to deliver a mysterious package

The characters are sent on a first test mission. They have to deliver a mysterious package on a prime world. They are told to look for a halfling called Milo Keleatt in a place called Monting. They are sent to a large city called Chesterbury using a teleportation circle. They are greeted there by Eliza, a female wizard, who points them towards a horse and carriage service run by elves.

On the eastern side of Chesterbury they meet up with Elias Hawles. They manage to intimidate him into arranging transportation right away for 20 gold coins. Soon they are on their way towards Monting.

The road to Monting leads through the normally quiet Wyre Forest. Along the way they are ambushed by bandits. The seven bandits put up quite a fight but in the end, most of them lay dead on the forest floor and the remaining bandits scattered into the forest. The coachman elf was killed in battle, but the adventurers managed to get the carriage moving again towards Monting.

In Monting they manage to find the halfling very quickly and just as the package exchanged hands, they are teleported back to the Astral Island of the Planar Task Force.


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