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Welcome to Überflex

What is Überflex?

Überflex is the name of the most flexible campaign idea we have been able to come up with yet. We play with a group of about 7 people, but we also have busy lives. This means that every week we just have to see who will be able to come to roleplay. This makes long-term campaigning difficult. Our group isn’t fond of making new characters for each adventure, and we do enjoy character progression. That’s when we started brainstorming and got to the idea of an Überflex campaign.

What is the universe of Überflex like?

The Überflex universe is based on 4th edition D&D cosmology. The players grew up in islands on the Astral Plane. When they became of age, they went in search for exciting jobs to do, and they ended up at the Planar Task Force. This organisation is an intermediary between summoners on the Prime Material Plane and the adventurers in the Astral Plane. Our heroes are summoned into adventures but their time on the Prime Material Plane is limited (conveniently limited to one playing evening).

Main Page

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